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Q. We have an interest in ghost hunting and investigating paranormal activity.  Where do I begin?
A. There are 5 sites in Mansfield, Ohio, where individuals and groups can investigate. To view each site and to see what makes them haunted, please refer to the Sites section.

Q. Do you have to be a professional ghost hunter or paranormal investigator?
A. No!  You do not have to be a professional ghost hunter or paranormal investigator to enjoy the field of paranormal activity!  But, for those folks that are professionals and experts, please be respectful of their space, equipment, and seriousness of their investigation.

Q. What sites are haunted in the area?
A. The Ohio State Reformatory, Haunted Bissman Building, Mansfield Fire Museum, Renaissance Theatre, and Malabar Farm State Park.

Q. Is there someone who will lead us through the paranormal investigation?
A. Yes!  Mr. Joe James, co-owner of P.A.C.E. (Paranormal And Cryptic Explorations) has earned a reputation of professionalism and outstanding service to help individuals by applying a scientific approach to paranormal and cryptic situations while in search of an answer.  For those who are interested in investigating the Ohio State Reformatory, or Mansfield Fire Museum, please contact them directly for their own investigators.

Q. What about overnight accommodations?
A. Please visit Haunted Mansfield Hotel Packages section for a list of lodging properties that offer packages for paranormal investigators.

Q. How do I get a Haunted Mansfield Guide?
A. Download a free Haunted Mansfield Guide to help you decide which site to investigate.  This Guide is full of tidbits, why the site is haunted, contact information, prices and hours available.  It's the Guide to all that's Haunted in Mansfield!

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