Community Branding


Greetings from Mansfield & Richland County!

If you’ve made it to this page, you are interested in working with our community to find our brand story.  On behalf of the Branding Steering Committee, we Thank You for your interest.

You are invited to prepare a community branding proposal as outlined in the RFP.  The following RFP includes a background of our area and describes the purpose of the community branding, its desired components, and specific requests relating to the proposal.

In providing these details, our intent is not to convey that we have all of the answers in creating the best possible community brand. The ideal vendor will bring their own ideas and vision based on industry expertise, technical capability, and client relations, guiding us to incorporate our goals into that vision.

We understand that details may be subject to change upon vendor recommendation and/or research of more optimal solutions. In your proposal, please feel free to suggest alternatives where noted.

Please note that answers to any questions you have will be posted on this page.

Community Branding Co-Leaders
Lee Tasseff, President, Destination Mansfield – Richland County
Jodie Perry, President, Richland Area Chamber & Economic Development