The Warrior Dash, extreme obstacle running event, takes place Saturday and Sunday, June 1 & 2, 2013, at Clear Fork Resort in Butler.  The organizers, Red Frog Events, sent word that they have an immediate need for more volunteers for the weekend.  If your organization needs money for uniforms, new equipment, community outreach, or other worthy projects, jump online or call now. For 25 volunteers in your group, Warrior Dash donates $500 to your organization. Smaller groups?  If you have 10-14 people- $200, for 15-19 people in your group you get $375.  Larger groups get more. Sign up online on the Warrior Dash site under “get involved” then “volunteers” at thttp://www.warriordash.com/get_involved.php or you can simply CALL 312-725-7722, ext. 2420 or  ext. 2428.