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Annual Report

On behalf of the Destination Mansfield – Richland County Board of Directors and staff, I am pleased to introduce our 2020 Annual Report.

Download Our 2020 Annual Report

2020.  It was likely the most momentous year in the history of the travel industry. For many other destinations, it had a disastrous impact on hotels, restaurants, and other travel-related businesses. And while we don’t want to minimize the stress it placed on us here in Mansfield and Richland County, the events of 2020 also brought us the opportunity to come together as a community, to listen more closely than ever to potential visitors and to review the way in which we all serve them.

This past year was unlike any other we have experience and so this Annual Report is unlike any other we’ve published.  We hope it is as entertaining to read, as it is informative.  Take a look…enjoy the story!

Ross Clark